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  • Posting Rules | EA International Online Discussion Forum— The Loop

    LOOP FORUM POSTING RULES Please do not post events into the Member Shares Section. You can sign up for EAI's email list to stay informed on EA news and updates or look in the EA International News Section. here Writing should be related to the EA program. We do not discuss religion, politics, or promote outside issues. We do not use inappropriate or abusive language. Personal responses should be sent directly to the writer, not the forum. Click on the name of the person who wrote the post, you will be brought to their profile page and then click message. We do not send poems, jokes, stories written by others or greeting cards. Maintain confidentiality. Do not share information or shares without the writer’s consent. Moderators & staff have the right to delete a post or comment if it breaks a rule.

  • Home | Emotions Anonymous 12 Step Program Online Discussion Forum

    Common Acronyms 12 Steps = the basic tenets of our program EA = Emotions Anonymous ESH = Experience, Strength, Hope FOO = Family of Origin HALT = Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired HP = Higher Power POOP = Powerless over other people POME = Powerless over my emotions RFT = Reflection for Today (excerpt from the Today book) Emotions Anonymous Search EA Member Shares A place where EA members can share their EA recovery with other EA members. Connect, share, grow & learn together. Posts 87 Today, Daily Excerpt This is copyrighted material that EAI has given special permission to be posted in the online discussion forum. Posts 110 Tools of the Month Tools from the EA program to help members. Posts 6

  • FAQs | EA's Online Loop

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) How do I post a share? Click on “EA Member Shares” and then click on “Start a discussion.” ​ ​How do I see a member post, Today excerpt or this month’s recovery tools? To view content, click on the title of the thread you want to see either "EA Member Shares", "Daily Today Excerpt" or "Tools of the Month." Then click on the individual post you’d like to see. ​ ​How do I message someone privately? From the post that you are wanting to message about, click on their name (which will bring you to their profile) and then click on the message bubble icon. You can also send a message by clicking on the message bar on the bottom right side and then type in the name of the person you would like to message. ​ ​How do I edit my profile? Log in to your account. Click on your name and click on “Profile Page.” Next click on “Edit” to update your profile name and image. Do any of the following: Name: Enter a profile name or change it. Image: Click the avatar or image, browse to select a profile image, and click Open. Click on “Save.” Do any of the following to edit the "About" section: Enter text introducing yourself, where you are in the program/recovery. Click either of the media icons to add images, GIFs, or Videos. Click on “Publish.” ​ ​ How long will shares stay on the Online Discussion Forum? Shares by members will be accessible unless they are deleted by the member or by a moderator or staff. ​ How do I change the email notifications settings? Log in to your account. Click on your name in the top menu and click on “Notification Settings.” You can change if you want email notifications to be sent when members like your post or comment, when members comment on your post, when there is new activity on the forum and when someone follows you (we have removed this from profile pages). ​

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